For: Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

I am Mayang Bahtera Pertiwi. I express my gratitude from the bottom of my deepest hearth to the USM for giving me valuable chance so that I can write this paper. I take this great opportunity to explore one of my dreams to join in the USM by the word.
My motivation to get the credit semester in USM is gaining my ability in communicate and interact with other people who have different culture. I analyze that nowadays, many people do not realize about their environment, especially in socio-culture. They are too busy in their world. Just a little bit people aware about other. This is one impact of globalization. We know well that globalization is an era marked by missing the territorial limit of nation. It enables the nation culture interferences. Many aspects of nation can influence, color and inspire of the people’s behavior. I think that’s why the socio-culture is getting less attention in every single people.
What is the benefit we knowing the different culture? Of course, we will know more about other, especially for me who will study in USM. In other word, we will know how we must do with them. What strategy that suitable to apply in their culture. From this, we can make a harmonization with other. We more know how we make a good communication.   
I should not keep silent when I know the negative changes that happen in our society feelings because of globalization era. As the next generation, I have to keep myself by faith, beliefs and piety in facing the globalization era. One of way is doing student exchange program in USM. It will help me to study more about people that would be positive impact in understanding each other. It also helps me to build a relationship with my abroad friends and change information that always run. Without regardless my purposes to take the credit semester in USM.(mbp)

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